We offer an extensive range of medical and aesthetic services covering physical and mental health and overall wellbeing

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GP Services

At Your Choice Medical you can effortlessly book a GP consultation to discuss any medical problems that are concerning you at a time that's convenient to you. Our appointment times are bespoke to your need so you can explore your concerns fully without feeling rushed.

Whether it's a new problem, or an ongoing issue that you want to discuss, we can help. We work in harmony with your NHS practice and email a detailed report back to your NHS doctor immediately after your consultation if this is needed. This may include making arrangements for an appropriate prescription or referral to be initiated by your practice for further NHS care if that is needed. We can also advise and facilitate further care in the private sector if that is desired.

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HRT, Menopause and Female Health

Dr Natarajan is highly qualified in all aspects of female health. She has extensive experience and qualifications and is a registrred consultant specialist trained in Gynaecology, Sexual Health, HIV medicine and Family Planning. As well as expertise in Diagnosis and management of menopausal symptoms, she is highly skilled in the treatment of sexual health problems including painful vulval problems (dyspareunia), genital and vulval skin problems, including warts and vulval dermatoses, and Contraception advice. Her, management plan will be tailored to your individual requirements.

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Facial Aesthetics

We are experts in providing facial aesthetics, including facial injections using only the highest quality materials. Specific types of injection include:

  • tear troughs
  • nasal labial fold
  • marionette lines
  • non surgical rhinoplasty
  • lip enhancement

Our many years of expert knowledge and medical training ensure the very best service.

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Skin Conditions

Dr von Biel is qualified with the Royal College of General Practitioners as both a surgical and medical GP dermatologist. He is experienced in dealing with the majority of skin complaints which can be diagnosed and managed quickly and simply at Your Choice Medical. Simple procedures, removal of unwanted growths and cryotherapy (freezing) can be carried out on the day. Diagnosis and care of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis etc can be undertaken at a time that suits you in a relaxed and professional environment.

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Joint Injections

Stiff and painful joints can be extremely debilitating. At Your Choice Medical we take time to assess each joint properly. We then decide with you whether injections would be beneficial and then use our extensive experience to place them effectively. 

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Medical Reports and Certificates

We are able to write full medical reports and certificates for any requirement. Whether you need something for travel, work or any other reason, we can get your paperwork done to meet whatever the need.

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Foot Conditions

We can treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions quickly and effectively, helping you to reduce pain and regain independence. Inflammatory and arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis, acute gout, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, painful bunions etc can be injected with rapid results. Whenever possible we anaesthetise the area to aid comfort.

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Our counselling sessions are held in our dedicated, private and quiet space. We also have experience in helping work though a number of needs and issues with clients.

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Leg and Facial Threadvein Treatment

Dr von Biel is qualified in microsclerotherapy and thermocoagulation treatments for disfiguring veins which may affect your legs or face

At your choice medical we use Thermavein: state of the art thermocoagulation of thread veins in the face and legs.

Blown out veins can be painlessly sealed and eradicated, vastly improving the appearance of sun and time damaged skin.